Video: No more Morias. No more lies.

MSF emergency clinic after Moria fire

Greece 2020 © MSF

Today, the European Commission announced a new Migration Pact promising a “fresh start” to live up to European values while addressing the challenges facing migrants and refugees. Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is saying loud and clear to European leaders that a fresh start on migration can only begin with radical change. No more containment camps at Europe’s borders. No more violence by security forces. No more abandoning people at sea. No more deals to send people fleeing violence back to unsafe countries.

The announcement of the new migration pact comes soon after fires destroyed Greece’s Moria refugee camp, the largest refugee camp in Europe. The fires displaced thousands of migrants and asylum-seekers from an overcrowded and dangerous camp, making them homeless once again. MSF has repeatedly warned of the dangers in Moria camp, as almost five years of trapping people in these conditions can only lead to despair and tensions. We have been calling for these people to be evacuated to a safe place on the mainland or to other European countries. Instead, a new camp is under construction. Raise your voice and tell European leaders to stop these cruel policies: sign the petition on Enough is enough.