Video: Tips to de-stress

© Carrie Hawks

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) teams work in conflict areas, respond to emergencies, and treat people in crisis every day.

Our aid workers often face highly stressful situations, so we give them guidance on how to cope. These mental health tips can benefit everyone. They focus on the mind, the body, and social connections.

MSF teams provided more than 400,200 individual mental health consultations around the world in 2019.

Tips to De-Stress

Doctors Without Borders teams respond to emergencies every day.

So we give our aid workers a few tips to help cope with stress.

They can also benefit you.

They focus on the mind, the body, and social connections.


Give your thoughts a rest. Breathe deeply into the abdomen.


Then slowly breathe out.

Deep breathing calms the mind.

If you want to go further, try meditation, even if it’s just sitting quietly for 5 minutes.


Move your body! Dance around, play sports, go for a walk. When you use your body, you feel more in the moment.

Take care of your health—and remember,

everyone needs sleep, even superheroes.


Connect with other people, even if it’s on the phone or computer. 

Talk about your day, laugh together.

Do something that brings you joy.