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Hospital beds in a crowded room at South Hospital in El Fasher, North Darfur, Sudan.

Sudan: Civilians devastated by heavy fighting in El Fasher

story May 15, 2024

News May 14, 2024

Israeli offensive forces field hospital to close in Rafah

'Gaza's silent killing' - Report

story May 17, 2024

From bombs to desolate halls: Displaced without aid in Zalingei, Sudan

A displaced family in Zalingei, Sudan.

story May 17, 2024

Violence in Mali drives increased surgical needs among women and children

A mother holder her child while he is examined by a nurse in Niono, Mali

story May 16, 2024

In the shadow of war: Increased violence and restrictions in the West Bank

A Palestinian woman sitting beside a wall in the West Bank.

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Story | Apr 23, 2024

Emotional support for health workers on Ukraine's front lines

Doctors and health workers are not immune to the mental health effects of war. Here’s how MSF is responding in Ukraine.

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MSF psychologist Vika hugs Antonina Sakhnovska, an MSF mental health patient in Kharkiv, when she begins to cry when she remembers her husband, who died in the war.

News | Apr 05, 2024

Ukraine: MSF condemns missile attack on its office in Pokrovsk

Attack leads to temporary suspension of medical activities.

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Story | Mar 22, 2024

Lessons learned on TB treatment from a pilot project in Ukraine

A pilot project run by MSF in Zhytomyr, Ukraine offers a glimpse of what it takes to successfully treat and recover from drug-resistant tuberculosis.

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An MSF pharmacist chooses medicines in Zhytomyr, Ukraine.

News | Feb 23, 2024

Ukraine crisis response

How MSF continues to provide care to people impacted by fighting and displacement, two years since the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine.

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MSF psychologist and children walk outside in Ukraine.

Story | Feb 23, 2024

Ukraine, two years since the escalation

Displacement and ongoing fighting continue to impact medical access and mental health in Ukraine.

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A Ukrainian woman looks out the window of a destroyed building.

News | Feb 14, 2024

Ukraine: MSF condemns shelling of two hospitals by Russian military

Patients, medical staff, and health facilities must not be targeted.

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Damage from shelling to a health facility in Ukraine.

News | Jan 03, 2024

Physiotherapy and mental health support for Ukraine’s war-wounded

A surge in patients with amputations and complex injuries has created a critical need for physiotherapists to provide post-operative rehabilitation care.

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Viktoriia Vantsarovska works as a physiotherapist at the MSF rehabilitation project in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, with war-wounded patients.

Story | Jan 03, 2024

Helping a war-wounded patient in Ukraine adjust to life with a new body

MSF physical therapist Inna Didych shares an account of rehabilitation for war-wounded patients in Ukraine.

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An MSF physiotherapist working with war-wounded patient in Ukraine.

Story | Dec 07, 2023

Moments of hope

Despite the emergencies of 2023, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) teams also witnessed moments of hope from our projects around the world

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A woman, outside of a building, speaking to a pharmacist through a window. They are both smiling at each other.

Story | Dec 07, 2023

2023: The year in photos

Bearing witness at our medical projects around the world

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A woman holding a baby in a makeshift camp near Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo


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