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Gate of Sayid al Shuhada hospital in El Fasher, Sudan.

Sudan: Intense fighting is forcing hospitals to close in El Fasher

story Jun 13, 2024

News Jun 11, 2024

Latest massacres in Gaza's Middle Area illustrate complete disregard for Palestinian lives

Palestinians walk through smoke in the streets of Gaza.

story Jun 17, 2024

Dying to reach health care in Afghanistan

Caretakers listen to the health promotion session inside the triage waiting area of the Paediatric ward at the Mazar-i-Sharif Regional Hospital.

story Jun 17, 2024

Greece: The impact of living in limbo on asylum seekers’ mental health

A man sits on the shores of Greece and is tended to by two MSF workers.

News Jun 13, 2024

Rohingya refugees struggle to access testing and treatment amid alarmingly high rates of hepatitis C

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh three years after their exodus

Speaking out about the emergencies our staff and patients witness is part of who we are. Explore our history and principles.

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Story | Jun 07, 2024

A lesson in climate solidarity from the flooded marshlands of Old Fangak

MSF teams are witnessing firsthand how climate change is already impacting people’s health around the world

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A flooded schoolhouse in the village of Wongmok near Old Fangak, South Sudan.

Story | May 23, 2024

A lifeline for remote areas cut off from health care in South Sudan

Health workers in South Sudan are adapting operations to provide care to remote communities feeling the health impacts of climate change.

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A group of children beside an MSF vehicle during health outreach activities in Boma, South Sudan.

Story | May 03, 2024

Why cholera is on the rise in Zimbabwe

Hundreds of people have died of cholera this year in Zimbabwe, where the lack of adequate water and sanitation fuels an uncontrolled outbreak.

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Women fetch wate from a river in Zimbabwe.

Story | Apr 23, 2024

Everything you need to know about cholera

People should not be dying of cholera in 2024. We need to act quickly to prevent more deaths.

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A health care worker wearing PPE in MSF's Cholera Treatment Center in Quelimane, Mozambique.

Story | Feb 28, 2024

Tapping into solar energy to power emergency response

MSF logisticians are testing ways to supply energy for medical activities in places with unreliable electricity.

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An MSF team member adjusts equipment for a mobile solar energy in Ourang refugee camp, eastern Chad

Story | Jan 30, 2024

Mozambique: Tackling neglected tropical diseases by improving water and sanitation

MSF partners with communities to build sustainable water solutions.

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The MSF team checks one of the safeguarded wells equipped with hand pump systems built by MSF to facilitate access to water for communities.

Story | Dec 13, 2023

Closing out one year of MSF flood response in Pakistan

After responding to devastating floods in Dadu, Pakistan, MSF hands over medical activities to local health providers.

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An MSF staff member treats a child carried by their mother in Pakistan after the floods.

News | Dec 11, 2023

COP28: Communities hit hardest by climate change are responding with solidarity. So should we.

MSF-USA executive director Avril Benoît on the commitments COP28 leaders must make to respond to the climate emergency.

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Reflection of two people on the surface of water in South Sudan

Story | Dec 07, 2023

In Libya, fears of rain, clouds, and climate change

MSF’s mental health patients in flood-struck Derna are “haunted by the fear that the floods could happen again."

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A damaged bridge with water flowing through in Derna, where MSF is providing mental health care.

Story | Dec 07, 2023

2023: The year in photos

Bearing witness at our medical projects around the world

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A woman holding a baby in a makeshift camp near Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo
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