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An MSF staff member treats a patient at Rafah Indonesian Field Hospital in Gaza

In Gaza, staff are risking their lives to provide care

story Feb 27, 2024

story Mar 01, 2024

Small voices: The youngest victims of conflict in Ituri, DR Congo

A mother and child sit on a hospital bed at Salama Hospital in Bunia, DR Congo.

story Mar 04, 2024

Left to Drown: Distress calls unanswered in the Mediterranean

Comic illustration of a boat carrying people in the Mediterranean Sea.

story Feb 28, 2024

17 days in captivity along the US-Mexico border

A migrant woman's hands folded on her lap

story Mar 04, 2024

MSF UK board member killed during Israeli offensive in Khan Younis

Wreckage from Israeli airstrikes in Gaza in 2023.

Speaking out about the emergencies our staff and patients witness is part of who we are. Explore our history and principles.

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Story | Feb 28, 2024

Port Sudan: Supporting displaced people from within the community

“I fled from Khartoum to Wad Madani, and now I find myself once again displaced in Port Sudan.”

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An MSF mobile clinic and displaced patients in Port Sudan.

Story | Feb 27, 2024

Healing hands: A Sudanese doctor's account

“I am constantly haunted by the question of how to fulfill this duty in the absence of sufficient resources and personnel.”

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Dr. Mohammad Bashir holds an MSF flag with others in Sudan.

Story | Feb 26, 2024

Mapping El Geneina, a flashpoint in the Sudan conflict

Join the virtual Mapathon on February 29 to help us map the crisis in Sudan, from violence in West Darfur to flight across the border to Chad.

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Map of Africa and the Middle East.

Story | Feb 21, 2024

In Chad, refugees from Sudan cope with limited aid

Growing needs are putting a strain on Chad's limited resources and fragile health infrastructure as refugees and returnees flee from Sudan.

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MSF staff triage patients at Daguessa refugee camp in Chad.

Story | Feb 05, 2024

Three questions about one of the biggest displacement crises in the world: Sudan

Jérôme Tubiana explains the roots of ethnic violence in Darfur and the humanitarian situation in Sudan.

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Camp Ecole for displaced people in eastern Chad

Story | Jan 16, 2024

Sudan: Mass displacement follows violence in Wad Madani

Due to severe insecurity and widespread violence, MSF has had to suspend medical activities in affected areas while adapting to new needs.

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A displaced woman and child sitting in a room full of luggage in Sudan.

Story | Jan 03, 2024

The world must not turn away from Sudanese refugees in Chad

Half a million Sudanese refugees in eastern Chad depend on humanitarian aid that remains inadequate and sporadic.

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Sudanese refugees fetch water in a refugee camp in Chad.

Story | Dec 07, 2023

Sudan: Stories of displacement

Perseverance in the face of violence

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A family of Sudanese refugees sit in front of a makeshift tent in a refugee camp in Chad

Story | Dec 07, 2023

2023: The year in photos

Bearing witness at our medical projects around the world

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A woman holding a baby in a makeshift camp near Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo

Story | Nov 08, 2023

Sudan: “If they didn't find money, they killed people in their homes”

Refugees and returnees displaced by the conflict in Sudan share stories of harrowing journeys and survival in the fast-growing camp of Wedweil, South Sudan.

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A refugee family from Sudan sits on the grass outside Wedweil camp in South Sudan.


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