Francesca Mapelli/MSF
Muna, 35, from Somalia. She has 3 sons, one in Sweden, two still in Somalia.

“In Somalia I didn’t have any means to live and there was a situation of extreme violence, with bombs almost every day.
I have an 18 year old son who is a refugee in Sweden and I wanted to reach him. We made the procedure to ask family reunification. But even if we had all the necessary documents, my request was not accepted. So I was forced to try this journey across the sea because it was the only way I had.
In my journey I crossed several countries, Somalia, Sudan, then Libya. It took seven days by truck to cross the desert to the Libyan border. I saw a Sudanese boy die while falling from the truck, others were injured but survived.
As soon as we crossed the border we found armed people coming from Niger that took us. Even if you are a woman, they treat you bad, they beat you, they don’t give you food or water.
My journey to Libya took two months and 7 days, then six hours in the sea. When we saw the ship we were so happy and now we are so happy to be here.
As soon as we get in Italy, I will go north to reach my son in Sweden.”

Muna was rescued in the Mediterranean Sea by the British Navy and then transferred to the MSF Bourbon Argos ship that took her to Italy.