Luca Sola
MALAWI. Lilongwe. June 2015. Maula Prison.

Nutrition is a major concern in Maula prison as inmates receive an inadequate supply of food in terms of quantity, nutritional value and calorie intake. Prisoners in Maula eat only once a day – typically a plate of Nsima (maize flour), sometimes with beans or vegetable. Protein is almost entirely absent from their diet and the Ethiopian group in particular is suffering from skin conditions related to protein deficiency because the Malawian staple food is incompatible with their traditional eating habits (the Ethiopian staple is Nnjera a protein rich pancake). MSF is providing plumpy nut – a therapeutic food supplement to severe and moderately malnourished inmates. In June, MSF treated five severely malnourished prisoners and 13 moderately malnourished in Maula prison.