Mathieu Fortoul/MSF
Following heavy rains this morning the sanitarian conditions in M'Poko camp have been exacerbated. Nearly 60.000 persons are still gathered in this camp near the international airport. MSF has set up a field hospital with 60 beds and 3 health posts to cover the medical needs. MSF is carrying out approximately 1.000 consultations and assisting 10 deliveries each day. Since the beginning of the year MSF also treated in M'Poko more than 600 wounded due to violence.

As rainy season approches, conditions in the camp are likely to get worse. MSF is providing water and sanitation services including the construction of 216 latrines and supplying up to a total of 600 cubic metres of water a day. 60.000 displaced people are still displaced there without sufficient humanitarian assistance. They lack mainly of shelter and food. MSF is in the camp with a field hospital and 3 health posts. MSF teams carry around 1.000 consultations per day mainly for malaria, diahrrea, respiratory infections and skin disease linked to the sanitarian conditions.