Photo Story: Responding to the coronavirus pandemic around the world

MSF team members meet to discuss care management in the Residencia Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes de El Royo, a Spanish nursing home.
Spain 2020 © Olmo Calvo/MSF
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Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) teams are racing to respond to the coronavirus pandemic in the more than 70 countries where we run existing programs, while opening projects in new countries as the virus spreads.

Our response to COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, focuses on three main priorities: Supporting health authorities to provide care for patients with COVID-19, protecting people who are vulnerable and at-risk, and keeping essential medical services running.

From Belgium to Tanzania, here's how our teams are tackling the pandemic around the globe


South Sudan

COVID-19 Intervention in South Sudan
MSF is assisting South Sudan's Ministry of Health with the training of health care workers in infection prevention and control (IPC) and triage for patients exhibiting symptoms consistent with COVID-19. Here, MSF staff member Adrien Mahama illustrates the correct use of masks during an IPC training for Al Sabah hospital staff in the capital city of Juba.
South Sudan 2020 © Gabriele François Casini/MSF


Visitors pass by the COVID-19 pre-screening, Bamenda's St Mary Soledad Hospital
A woman stops outside the COVID-19 pre-screening tent MSF teams have set up at the entrance of Bamenda's St Mary Soledad hospital in the country's northwest region. MSF is supporting regional hospitals here and in the southwest with pre-screening points at hospital entrances, helping implement COVID-19 isolation and treatment wards, and training medical and nonmedical staff.
Cameroon 2020 © Freida Nemkul


Covid-19 Preparation in Nduta Camp
MSF is the sole health care provider in Nduta refugee camp in Tanzania, which hosts 75,000 Burundian refugees. Tumaini Kombe, an MSF health promoter, shows people in the camp how to cough into their elbows to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Tanzania 2020 © Christa Koenig


United States

New York City COVID-19 Response
An MSF team member assembles water jugs for handwashing stations to be donated to places like soup kitchens and supportive housing facilities in New York City.
United States 2020 © Michelle Mays/MSF


COVID-19 São Paulo, Brazil
MSF evaluates and screens homeless people for COVID-19 in shelters in downtown São Paulo, where infection rates seem very high. Teams also visit shelters to provide health and basic IPC education to health professionals.
Brazil 2020 © Diogo Galvão



MSF Covid-19 Response in Pakistan
A health promoter advises people to practice social distancing and to wash their hands at the handwashing points as they enter Timergara DHQ hospital, Lower Dir. We're screening more than 1,000 people every day in Timergara and providing consultations for suspected cases.
Pakistan 2020 © Nasir Ghafoor

Hong Kong

MSF has started an intervention for the outbreak of COVID-19
MSF conducts a health education session for elderly people in Hong Kong. In addition to these information sessions, we also offer mental health support for vulnerable groups, including street cleaners, refugees and asylum seekers, and visually impaired people.
Hong Kong 2020 © MSF



Coronavirus: MSF's mobile clinic for vulnerable groups
MSF nurse Charline Vincent consults with a patient during a mobile clinic at Porte de la Villette, France.
France 2020 © Agnes Varraine-Leca/MSF


Intervention in Marche region
Across Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland, MSF has advised or assisted in more than 300 nursing homes. Here an MSF staff member shares a thumbs-up with the resident of a nursing home in Italy's central eastern Marche region, where we are providing medical care and implementing IPC measures. 
Italy 2020 © MSF/Vincenzo Livieri


MSF intervention in care homes
Two MSF staff disinfect beds in a nursing home for elderly residents in the Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes Residence in El Royo. MSF is accompanying volunteers from the fire brigade to disinfect spaces, establish staff and resident flow, and transfer patients from nursing homes and residences for the elderly throughout the Castilla y León region.
Spain 2020 © Olmo Calvo/MSF


COVID-19 response in Intensive care unit of HUG
MSF nurse Kathrine Zimmermann (center) supports the COVID-19 intensive care unit of the Geneva University Hospital. Our teams also provide logistical and sanitation support to vulnerable communities in Geneva, with the goal of helping 1,300 families.
Switzerland 2020 © Nora Teylouni/MSF



IPC Training in Ibn El-Khateeb Hospital, Baghdad
An MSF staff member explains how to properly put on a surgical mask to medical staff from the Iraqi Ministry of Health. An MSF team is providing hospital staff from the Ibn Al-Khateeb hospital in Baghdad with technical support on IPC and triage of COVID-19 patients.
Iraq 2020 © Nabil Salih


COVID-19 Prevention in Northwest Syria
At a hospital supported by MSF in northwestern Syria a doctor checks the temperature of a patient at the entrance of a dedicated space set up to screen for COVID-19. Beside him, a poster illustrates ways to prevent the spread of the virus.
Syria 2020 © Omar Haj Kadour/MSF