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Five short films about unreported crises and the people who suffer from them

Invisibles - 5 short films about forgotten crises

USA 2007 © MSF-USA

INVISIBLES: A film with five stories about forgotten crises

The INVISIBLES are those we do not want to see, but who end up appearing inside our fears and our unease, among other things, because they never stop existing. They are the victims of five forgotten crises: two forgotten diseases and three armed conflicts which don’t receive the media attention they deserve. We are talking about Chagas disease, Sleeping Sickness, child soldiers in Uganda, sexual violence against civilians in the Democratic Republic of Congo and displaced people in Colombia.

MSF is celebrating its 20th anniversary in Spain. On this occasion, MSF wants to pay tribute to those people who have been forgotten by governments, institutions and citizens. MSF wants to give voice through the look of five European film directors.

"INVISIBLES" has been selected by the International Film Festival of Berlin where it will be exhibited in Panorama next Friday 16th February. The actor Javier Bardem and the directors Wim Wenders, Fernando León de Aranoa, Isabel Coixet, Mariano Barroso and Javier Corcuera, together with representatives of Médicos Sin Fronteras, will be in Berlin to present the film in the festival.

"INVISIBLES" is a film which combines documentary and fiction, where the talent of film directors such as Isabel Coixet and Mariano Barroso come together to talk about forgotten epidemics such as Chagas in Bolivia with "Cartas a Nora" and Sleeping Sickness in Central African Republic in "El sueño de Bianca".

Fernando León de Aranoa gives a voice to the children who became a part of the war in Uganda with "Buenas Noches, Ouma", Javier Corcuera shows the consequences of violence in Colombia with "La voz de las piedras" and Wim Wenders talks about sexual abuse in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

All of these stories belong to some of the forgotten crises where MSF works permanently. The actor Javier Bardem, through his production company Pinguin Films and in collaboration with Reposado PC, has produced this documentary film with the support of the organization.