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90% of our funding comes from individual donors. Learn how you can support MSF’s lifesaving care with a gift.

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Face-to-face fundraising

We build awareness and raise critical funds through person-to-person conversations on the street and at your door in the United States.

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Doctors Without Borders works with our face-to-face fundraising partners Ascenta Group, GiveBridge, and New Canvassing Experience to sign up recurring donors, or Field Partners. These Field Partners and their generous recurring donations allow us to plan ahead and be ready for emergencies around the world.

Why recurring donors are important to our work 

Emergencies happen in an instant—so it’s critical for us to have funds we can rely on to respond to crises right away. The dependable donations of our Field Partners make it possible for our teams to pivot quickly when these emergencies arise and plan ahead for the next one. These recurring gifts also allow us to minimize our fundraising costs and allocate more resources to our lifesaving work.  

Join the Field Partner Program now to help us provide emergency medical care to the people who need it most!

Frequently Asked Questions

Face to face fundraising is one of the most effective and personal ways we raise much-needed funds for our mission. We get to talk with people all over the country, have one-on-one conversations, answer their questions, and get to know them and what inspires them to donate. Many of the folks who sign up have never donated before—some have never even heard of us before! 

By engaging with people around the country, we are able to bring in new supporters from all walks of life, all of whom are committed to our lifesaving mission.

You can easily identify our teams because they will always have a Doctors Without Borders lanyard & ID badge. They’ll also all be standing behind our branded kiosks for safety and social distancing.

No, fundraisers do not accept cash gifts. This helps protect you and the fundraiser. Our fundraisers collect payment through tablets that are equipped with encrypted software to collect payment information in a secure way.

Yes! All our tablets are equipped with encrypted software to collect payment information in a secure way. The data we collect is immediately uploaded to our remote servers, processed, and then completely removed from the tablet. Once processed, your financial data is further encrypted according to Payment Compliance Industry (PCI) Standards. 

As a recurring donor, you’ll have special access to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), including invitations to live online events and webinars with our staff. You’ll also receive our quarterly magazine, Alert, featuring striking images and stories about the work you’re making possible around the world. You can join right now by clicking here.

We understand that financial situations can change at any moment. As a recurring donor, you have the option to make smaller, more manageable gifts that still have a significant impact over time. No matter the amount, your recurring donation helps us be prepared for whatever emergency happens next.

You can update, suspend, or cancel your pledge at any time by submitting this form or contacting our Donor Services team at 888-392-0392 or

We are grateful for your commitment to our lifesaving medical care all year round. 

Doctors Without Borders has an extremely rigorous request for proposal (RFP) process for hiring face-to-face vendors. We look at a number of metrics, including HR practices, performance, strategy, and more. One significant factor during our selection process is how the fundraisers are compensated. We will only work with vendors who pay their people a livable and fair wage. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Donor Services team.