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Migrants travel through Ecuador, Colombia and Panama.


Photoville 2024: Connecting threads

Migrants travel through Ecuador, Colombia and Panama.

June 01, 2024 - June 16, 2024

12:00PM-8:00PM ET

Event type: In-person

Admission: Free

Brooklyn Bridge Park (Emily Warren Roebling Plaza)

Brooklyn, NY 11201

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The Photoville Festival in New York returns this June with an exhibit featuring photography that Doctors Without Borders/Mèdecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has collected from our work providing health care to migrants across the Americas. In our exhibit, “Connecting Threads: Migration Across the Americas,” you’ll get a glimpse of what migrants face on their journeys and why so many are risking everything for a chance at a better future across borders.

  • When: Saturday, June 1 - Sunday, June 16, 2024, starting each day at 12 p.m. ET.
  • Where: Brooklyn Bridge Park (Emily Warren Roebling Plaza), Brooklyn, New York

Connecting Threads: A visual narrative of migration

About the exhibition

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people undertake a treacherous journey through the Americas seeking safety and security, the majority heading north to the US border. Whether they are fleeing extreme violence or poverty, every person on the move carries a story and hope for a better future.  

"Connecting Threads” presents a visual narrative of migration, from the deadly Darién Gap jungle connecting South and Central America and onward north to Mexico. Featuring photographs by Juan Carlos Tomasi and artwork by Hugo Gonzalez, as well as video and audio testimonies gathered by MSF teams in Mexico, this multimedia exhibition weaves together the diverse experiences of people on the move. Through Tomasi's lens, we bear witness to the strength and determination of people navigating harsh terrain and unpredictable circumstances. These images convey the struggles and resilience of migrants and asylum seekers across the Americas, as well as the crucial role of humanitarian aid and the urgent need for a more caring and compassionate response to the so-called “refugee crisis.” What we see is a crisis of humanity. 

Drawing of two birds hugging

Little Birds: Screening on Photoville's opening night

On June 1, Photoville's opening night, join us at 8:30 p.m. ET on Empire Fulton Ferry Lawn in Brooklyn Bridge Park to watch the screening of "Little Birds," an animated mini-documentary featuring the stories of seven children living at Senda de Vida shelter in Reynosa, Mexico.

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Snapshots of migration in the Americas
Migrants in transit in Ecuador, Colombia and Panama
During their journey through the Darién, migrants must cross the Acandí and Tuquesa rivers.
2023 © Juan Carlos Tomasi/MSF
A man stands beside the US-Mexico border wall.
United States 2024 © Christoper Lee
A migrant waits by the side of the road with his belongings in Colombia
Pedro came from Peru to Colombia but is now stranded. He doesn't know whether to return to Venezuela or try to get to the United States. 2023 © Juan Carlos Tomasi/MSF
Migrants pray while waiting for the sunrise to enter the Darién jungle between Colombia and Panama.

Migrants pray before embarking on the Darién jungle route. 2023 © Juan Carlos Tomasi/MSF

A child sits behind his mother who is crouching down on a bench after crossing the Darién Gap.

People arrive exhausted in the indigenous community of Bajo Chiquito after crossing the jungle. Panama 2023 © Juan Carlos Tomasi/MSF

Children standing along the border wall between the United States and Mexico.
Three children play with bubbles provided by MSF after arriving across the border in Arizona. The children are not related but had traveled together with their families. United States 2024 © Christopher Lee
Hills along the US-Mexico border.
United States 2024 © Christoper Lee
A migrant carries a child in a backpack as he crosses the Darién jungle between Colombia and Panama.

What migrants still face on the journey through the Americas

Learn more about the dangers migrants face as they travel the Central American migration route.

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About Photoville

The 13th annual Photoville Festival features a “photo village” comprised of 18 shipping container exhibitions and over 35 open-air photo exhibits and activations. In collaboration with hundreds of artists and programming partners to curate and present over 80 outdoor exhibitions, Photoville addresses a wide range of issues, giving visitors a unique experience of thought-provoking and exceptional photography from across the globe. Opening weekend (June 1-2) will feature a range of public programs in Brooklyn Bridge Park, including artist talks, workshops, screenings, and more—as well as open-air exhibitions in communities across all five boroughs of New York City.  

Learn more about the festival on Photoville's website and plan your visit here.

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