María, Tedros, and Yohannes, always in our memory

Today marks six months since the brutal murder of our colleagues Yohannes Halefom, María Hernández, and Tedros Gebremariam, who were providing much-needed assistance to people in Tigray, Ethiopia. Even with the passage of time, the pain caused by their loss is felt as deeply as it was six months ago. We have not forgotten them and we never will.

María's joy and professionalism, Tedros's generosity, and Yohannes's dedication will remain in our minds, helping us see the way to reach those who need us the most. Words cannot convey our sadness and indignation and we will not rest until we clarify the circumstances of this horrific crime.


Yohannes Halefom (left), María Hernández (center), and Tedros Gebremariam (right). 

This olive tree was planted by MSF Spain in June 2021 in memory of María, Tedros, and Yohannes as an eternal symbol of peace, hope, and togetherness.

OCBA memorial