Much-Needed Care for Sexual Violence Survivors in Nairobi

At its clinic in Nairobi, Kenya, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) offers victims of sexual violence psychological and medical care, social support, and legal advice.

The assistance is provided in one single center in the heart of Mathare, a slum area in Kenya’s capital city. The MSF staff’s priority is to provide a caring, safe and confidential environment for people who have been subjected to this kind of trauma, however long ago it happened. However, victims need to get medical care within 72 hours to effectively combat the risk of HIV. So, MSF teams have reached out to communities living near the clinic, to combat the stigma associated with sexual violence, and to let them know that care is available.

They also work closely with other local groups—starting with the police—to ensure that victims of sexual violence are referred to the clinic as quickly as possible. A helpline and an ambulance service facilitate access to the clinic for people without any means of transport, especially at night.