People Are Not Numbers: Refugees Need Safe Passage

Lives continue to be lost at sea, in the back of trucks, and in make shift camps where people live in unacceptable conditions in the heart of the European Union. No matter the obstacles, people will continue to come as they have no other choice. Decisions adopted in EU summits have so far largely failed to improve the situation, and some measures have made the situation worse. Current policies are untenable in the face of this situation. The only way Europe can prevent a worsening crisis on its territory is to replace the smugglers by providing a safe, legal and free alternative to reach Europe. All forms of legal avenues allowing refugees to reach Europe must be put in place urgently. Efficient solutions to relocate asylum seekers from one EU member state to another must be found. Effective access to coherent asylum procedures and assistance should be provided at entry points, throughout Europe and along migratory routes. Swift registration and access to temporary protection should be provided upon arrival. Legal migration pathways must be created. Dignified reception conditions must be offered to all.  #SafePassage

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