Responding to COVID-19: MSF Global Accountability Report, Part 2

COVID-19 in the Amazon region

Brazil 2020 © Diego Baravelli

This is the second in a series of accountability reports that MSF is producing about our global response to COVID-19. Read the first report, covering the period from March-May 2020.


Responding to COVID-19: Global accountability report 2

The COVID-19 global health crisis continues to hold the world firmly in its grip. In many countries, the initial emergency response has turned into a sustained effort to contain recurring waves of infection, putting a relentless strain on health care systems, economies, and social life. From June to August, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) continued to respond to the pandemic through its existing programs, as well as dedicated COVID-19 interventions in more than 250 projects in 63 countries.

© Carrie Hawks

The operational focus of MSF’s COVID-19 response remained unchanged. From hard-hit areas to conflict and crisis settings, MSF has sought to reach the most vulnerable populations, delivering medical care and other assistance to remote communities, people on the move, people who are homeless or housing insecure, and elderly people living in long-term care facilities. In treatment centers and health facilities across five continents, MSF worked alongside local health care workers, strengthening infection prevention and control measures to protect staff, patients, and caregivers alike. MSF teams also worked hard to keep other essential health services open and increasingly integrated COVID-19 related activities into regular projects. 

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