Sudan: MSF Responds to Violence and Displacements in Shangil Tobaya, Darfur

Violent clashes over water sources near Shangil Tobaya, a town in North Darfur, Sudan, have caused a number of casualties and the displacement of more than 3,000 people. Since October 20, Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) has provided medical care to 12 wounded people and referred nine to the Al-Fashir Teaching Hospital. All nine patients are in stable condition.

MSF has also distributed relief items to about 3,300 affected people who have sought refuge in the towns of Um Dressaya and Shangil Tobaya. However, additional distributions of relief items is necessary due to new arrivals.

"Some people had to flee with very few belongings and food, and they are scared so MSF has sent a team for immediate assistance," says Christine Buesser, MSF deputy head of mission in Sudan. Basic household items, such as plastic sheeting, blankets, mats, soap, and jerry cans, will help people cope with the situation while additional needs are being addressed by other organizations in the area.

To follow up on the displaced people’s general health and to conduct rapid nutritional screenings on children, MSF has also sent a team of medical personnel and community health workers. The children will be included in the on-going polio vaccination campaign, which is sponsored by the Sudanese ministry of health and supported by MSF.

MSF is also liaising with other aid organizations to provide assistance where smaller groups of displaced people have fled.