A Syrian Mother's Story of Her Daughter's Treatment in Ramtha, Jordan

Joosarang Lee/MSF

The story of Maya Mahameed, 13, from Syria, as told by her mother:

My daughter Maya, who is 13 years old, sustained a serious injury on her way back from school as a result of rocket shelling on Dara'a Governorate on February 17, 2015.

Maya was transported to the Jordanian-Syrian border suffering injuries in the abdomen, hip and sacrum. Upon reaching the border, Maya was taken in an MSF Ramtha Hospital ambulance to the Jordanian side to receive urgent medical care.

Maya underwent more than 10 operations in MSF's hospital until her condition stabilized. Maya remained in hospital for almost five months, during which she received the necessary medical care in addition to excellent psychological and humanitarian care that contributed clearly to her improvement.

After that, Maya was transferred to MSF's Zaatari Hospital, where she spent seven months during which she completed her medical treatment. Maya was discharged from MSF's hospital and she is now in good condition.

Everybody that knew Maya and the severity of her injury acknowledged the work of the MSF's medical team that helped save my daughter's life. Thanks to them after thanking Almighty God first.

Because the borders were open at the time of Maya's injury, this has positively impacted my daughter's life. If Maya had sustained the injury at this time when the borders are closed for the war wounded, she wouldn't have survived. Her life would have been in danger for sure, since the majority of the Syrian governorates suffer from the severe lack of health and medical care.

Maya and I returned to Syria after she completed the necessary medical treatment. But after our return, we witnessed the miserable conditions of the war-wounded Syrians and the repeated deaths as a result of the unavailability of timely medical treatment and absence of doctors who are capable of helping the wounded. 

What I hope for, as other Syrian mothers do, is that the Jordanian borders re-open because MSF's hospital is the only port and certain hope that could reduce the number of victims.

First and last, as a Syrian woman, I wish that my country would go back to what it used to be—a safe and peaceful haven.

I extend my thanks to MSF's hospital. I have no words that do you justice for the great efforts you have exerted and still exert to save the war-wounded, whose rights are lost as a result of the ongoing war in my country, Syria.

OT Nurse Sunyoung Park spends time with a Syrian boy who is being treated in Ramtha hospital.
Joosarang Lee/MSF