Yemen: MSF Plane Carrying Urgently Needed Medical Supplies Lands in Sana'a

Malak Shaher/MSF

A cargo plane chartered by Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) carrying 15 tonnes of urgently needed medical supplies landed in Sana’a, Yemen, today, but continued and increased access to the country is still needed.

The plane, which flew from Djibouti, delivered emergency medical kits containing drugs and medical supplies suitable for responding to emergencies. This shipment will allow MSF to provide additional emergency support in Sana'a and across the country.

"These medical supplies are urgently needed and will allow us to better respond to the needs in different parts of Yemen," said Marie-Elisabeth Ingres, MSF head of mission in Yemen. "But the supply routes must stay open to allow more aid into the country, and easy access has to be facilitated to bring in more medical supplies and personnel via air and sea."

MSF is also working on establishing an additional supply route by sea from Djibouti directly to Aden, where it has treated over 650 patients injured in the ongoing conflict since March 19. On April 8, MSF sent 1.7 tonnes of medical supplies and an emergency surgical team of five staff from Djibouti to Aden by boat, and there are plans to send more supplies via this route in the coming days.

MSF is aiming to expand its activities in Yemen to respond to the current needs, but widespread fighting is hampering activities.

"Getting aid into the country is only part of the challenge," said Ingres. "Due to the fighting and insecurity within Yemen we are also facing difficulties assessing the needs and deploying staff and supplies to the areas where the needs are greatest."

MSF is currently working in Sana’a, Aden, Ad-Dhale, Amran, and Hajjah governorates in Yemen, and has received over 800 war-wounded patients in the country since March 19.

First MSF cargo arrived by air today to Sana'a with 15 tons of humanitarian medical emergency aid. The previous cargo arrived to Aden by boat on April 8th. MSF is still working to send more humanitarian medical cargos to Yemen.
Malak Shaher/MSF