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Sudanese women and children wait for malnutrition care from MSF in Zamzam camp.

Sudan’s humanitarian catastrophe must be addressed

News Apr 12, 2024

story Apr 05, 2024

Six months of siege and bloodshed in Gaza

A group of Palestinians in front of smoke from a building destroyed by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza.

story Apr 15, 2024

Life amid bullets and bombs: Stories from Sudan

Khadija Mohammad Abakkar, internally displaced person in Sudan.

story Apr 10, 2024

Sudan: Witnessing a life-and-death emergency on a massive scale

Sudanese refugees on hospital beds in eastern Chad

story Apr 09, 2024

Haiti: "Our health care system is falling apart"

A person rides a motorcycle through fire in Haiti.

Speaking out about the emergencies our staff and patients witness is part of who we are. Explore our history and principles.

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Story | Mar 29, 2024

How I beat the scariest type of TB

A survivor and activist shares her story.

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TB survivor tells her story.

News | Mar 29, 2024

MSF study reveals global double standard in diabetes care

Insulin pens and newer diabetes drugs like Ozempic are sold at a dramatic markup in the US, while they are unavailable in low- and middle-income countries.

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A woman holds her diabetes medications including insulin pens.

Story | Mar 28, 2024

Eight years in Kirkuk: Hawija’s journey of recovery

Looking back on MSF’s work in war-torn Hawija district, Iraq.

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Anwar Shukr Mahmoud, an MSF patient in Hawija

Story | Mar 27, 2024

New approach improves diagnosis and treatment of children with TB

Undernourished children are at heightened risk of developing TB, and treatment decision algorithms are helping MSF more accurately diagnose young children in Sierra Leone.

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Lab technician reviews test results in Sierra Leone.

News | Mar 26, 2024

MSF calls for global emergency stockpile of Ebola treatments

A decade after the world’s deadliest outbreak, treatments have been developed but aren’t available to people who need them most.

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MSF staff members carry a deceased Ebola patient to the morgue in Kailahun, Sierra Leone.

News | Mar 26, 2024

South Sudan: Urgent need for vaccination to halt deadly measles outbreak

MSF calls for large-scale vaccination campaigns and increased community awareness efforts to stop the spread of disease in Western Equatoria state.

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Children proudly show their vaccination cards in Yambio during the targeted campaign in Western Equatoria state.

Story | Mar 26, 2024

Measles surge in Yemen shows no sign of abating

Dr. Ei Ei Khaing describes how limited health care access and low vaccination rates have caused a wave of infection.

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Measles isolation unit in Yemen.

News | Mar 25, 2024

MSF statement on UN Security Council vote for Gaza ceasefire

A two-week ceasefire is not nearly enough time to respond to the overwhelming humanitarian needs.

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Destroyed buildings in Gaza, Palestine on December 12, 2023.

Story | Mar 25, 2024

Displaced people in eastern Sudan need urgent humanitarian intervention

The scale of the crisis is beyond the capacity of any single organization and requires urgent and coordinated action from the international community.

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MSF staff provide medical consultations at one of the gathering sites in Kassala, Sudan.

News | Mar 23, 2024

US must do more to ensure humanitarian aid reaches people in Gaza

A joint submission by humanitarian organizations under National Security Memorandum 20.

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People collecting water from the MSF distribution point, Rafah, south of Gaza.


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