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A member of MSF's community outreach team speaks with a patient who received safe abortion care in Mozambique.

Everyone, everywhere should be able to access safe abortion care

story Jun 24, 2024

News Jun 22, 2024

Sudan: Despite UN resolution, civilians remain trapped by intense fighting in El Fasher

Displaced people at MSF's clinic in Zamzam camp, North Darfur, Sudan.

story Jun 25, 2024

How to provide health care without harming the environment

An MSF nurse wears a reusable face mask in Mozambique.

story Jun 12, 2024

More support is needed to tackle alarming rates of hepatitis C among Rohingya refugees

Profile of a Rohingya woman in a niqab in a camp in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

World Refugee Day: 117 million people are displaced worldwide

Sudanese women and their unwavering determination to protect their families

Speaking out about the emergencies our staff and patients witness is part of who we are. Explore our history and principles.

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Story | Jun 20, 2024

Four refugee crises happening in 2024

Whether due to persecution, instability, climate change, or natural disasters, more people than ever before are being uprooted from their homes around the world.

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Where the transition has no end

Story | Jun 14, 2024

A race against time to treat victims of sexual violence in Costa Rica

Every day, hundreds of people arrive in Costa Rica after surviving sexual violence in the Darién Gap—one of the most dangerous land migration routes in the world.

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An MSF worker talks with migrants who have exited the Darien Gap in Costa Rica

Story | Jun 07, 2024

The journey north

Documenting struggle and determination on migration routes in the Americas

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A child sits behind his mother who is crouching down on a bench after crossing the Darién Gap.

Story | Jun 06, 2024

Respectful and dignified care for LGBTQI+ people and youth in Kenya

Making health care more inclusive isn’t just the right thing to do—it saves lives.

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A man making a heart symbol with his hands in Kenya.

Story | Jun 05, 2024

Refugees, migrants, asylum seekers, and IDPs: What’s the difference?

Whether due to war, political persecution, natural disasters, or poverty, millions of people are on the move across the world.

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A child stands next to a caregiver on the deck of a search and rescue ship.

Story | May 02, 2024

“You are loved”: A clinic for at-risk people in Eswatini

At the Sitsandziwe Clinic, MSF provides comprehensive and inclusive sexual health care for vulnerable people.

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Staff at the Sitsandziwe Clinic in Zimbabwe, which translates to “you are loved."

Story | Apr 29, 2024

A safe space for youth in Nairobi

The Dandora Youth Friendly Center in Kenya offers social support, life skills, mentorship, and career development training for young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods.

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MSF staff lead youth in an ice breaker session at the Dandora Youth Friendly Center in Nairobi, Kenya.

Story | Apr 17, 2024

The hidden wounds of sexual violence in Sudan's war

What we’ve learned from survivors of sexual violence fleeing Sudan.

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A refugee woman from Sudan in a camp in eastern Chad.

News | Apr 12, 2024

Sudan’s humanitarian catastrophe must be addressed

The ongoing Sudan humanitarian crisis leaves 25 million in need—learn how the insufficient global response is worsening the situation.

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Sudanese women and children wait for malnutrition care from MSF in Zamzam camp.

Story | Apr 09, 2024

Haiti: "Our health care system is falling apart"

Dr. Priscille Cupidon on the deteriorating situation in Haiti and the resulting collapse of health care.

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A person rides a motorcycle through fire in Haiti.
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