How we’re helping in France

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How MSF is fighting COVID-19 in France

Our mobile clinics in and around Paris provide COVID-19 tests and referrals if needed. We also support a facility for COVID-19-positive people who are unable to self-isolate at home.

As vaccination rates increase requests for MSF’s help in nursing homes has declined, and in March we ended our support to these facilities. MSF and Epicentre are working on a qualitative and quantitative study carried out in a dozen French nursing homes during our intervention.

Many unaccompanied minors who arrive in France are traumatized by violence and abuse suffered on their journeys. For most, obtaining recognition of their minority status is an arduous process.

What is happening in France?

In 2019, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières continued to provide assistance to young, unaccompanied migrants in France. Many of them had seen their applications for child protection turned down because they were not recognized as minors, often for disputable reasons.  

How we're helping in France


MSF projects in France

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We offer respite and care, and facilitate access to legal support and medical, social, psychological, and administrative services in partnership with other organisations in an MSF-run centre in Pantin, a suburb of Paris. A total of 734 minors benefited from these services in 2019. Learn how you can best help in France and other countries

During the year, in partnership with Utopia 56, an association that helps migrants, we focused on expanding a network of volunteer families across the country to host minors throughout the course of their appeal, during which time they are excluded from any protection or assistance from the state. Hundreds of young migrants and asylum seekers across France are being forced to sleep rough because of the state’s failure to provide them with accommodation, despite having a legal obligation to do so. In response, from December, MSF started to provide emergency accommodation for up to 150 unaccompanied minors each night in Paris and Marseille. Please donate to support our work in France and other countries around the world now.

We also ran mobile healthcare clinics for migrants of all ages in Paris and continued to monitor the situation across the country, especially along the borders with Italy and Spain. At the end of the year, we called for a parliamentary investigation to look into violations committed by public authorities and take action to stop the patterns of abuse and violence against migrants and people standing in solidarity with them.