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A hole shot through the wall of a hospital in El Fasher, Sudan.

Sudan: Despite UN resolution, civilians remain trapped by intense fighting in El Fasher

News Jun 22, 2024

World Refugee Day: 117 million people are displaced worldwide

Sudanese women and their unwavering determination to protect their families

News Jun 21, 2024

Gaza: Critical shortages of medical supplies in MSF-supported facilities

Flooded streets and wreckage in Gaza.

News Jun 21, 2024

Medical supplies arrive in Haiti after three-month disruption

80 tons of medical equipment and supplies arrive by plane in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

story Jun 20, 2024

Four refugee crises happening in 2024

Where the transition has no end

Speaking out about the emergencies our staff and patients witness is part of who we are. Explore our history and principles.

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Oct 14, 2023

How we're responding to the war in Gaza

What to know about the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza and MSF’s medical and humanitarian response.

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A Palestinian girl stands on the balcony of a destroyed building in Gaza.

Story | Jun 20, 2024

In Gaza, “everything is missing, even the idea of a future”

Healing psychological trauma in Gaza cannot happen until there is a ceasefire.

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Palestinians line up for food and water in Gaza during the war with Israel in October 2023.

Story | Jun 07, 2024

The most dangerous place in the world to be a child

The impact of war on Gaza's children

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Palestinian children play in the rubble in Gaza.

Alert Newsletter | Jun 07, 2024

Alert Summer 2024: Connecting Threads

Displacement, conflict, and the human stories that link us

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A Palestinian child fetches water from a distribution point in Rafah, Gaza.

Story | Jun 05, 2024

Refugees, migrants, asylum seekers, and IDPs: What’s the difference?

Whether due to war, political persecution, natural disasters, or poverty, millions of people are on the move across the world.

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A child stands next to a caregiver on the deck of a search and rescue ship.

Story | May 16, 2024

In the shadow of war: Increased violence and restrictions in the West Bank

How MSF teams are trying to bridge the gaps in health care access preventing Palestinians in the West Bank from getting the care they need.

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A Palestinian woman sitting beside a wall in the West Bank.

News | Apr 29, 2024

Gaza: "Silent killings" continue as Rafah invasion looms

Palestinians' physical and mental health continues to deteriorate due to ongoing war, preventable diseases, and a lack of access to medical care.

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A veiled woman waits in a chair at an MSF facility in Gaza.

Story | Apr 26, 2024

Gaza medical staff: “We are alive, but we are not OK"

The mental health impact of an unyielding war will leave health workers with scars for years to come.

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An MSF psychologist stands at the center of a circle of Palestinian children in a mental health session in Gaza.

Story | Mar 07, 2024

Women helping women on the frontlines

In places affected by conflict around the world, women are playing indispensable roles in addressing the health needs of their communities.

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An MSF staff member and two other women link arms in DR Congo.

Story | Feb 02, 2024

“Doctors aren’t supposed to bleed," but in Gaza, they do

MSF emergency coordinator Marie-Aure Perreaut Revial bears witness to immense suffering in Gaza’s hospitals.

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Remains of a whiteboard destroyed in a strike on Al-Awda Hospital in Gaza.


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