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Sudanese women and children wait for malnutrition care from MSF in Zamzam camp.

Sudan’s humanitarian catastrophe must be addressed

News Apr 12, 2024

story Apr 05, 2024

Six months of siege and bloodshed in Gaza

A group of Palestinians in front of smoke from a building destroyed by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza.

story Apr 10, 2024

Sudan: Witnessing a life-and-death emergency on a massive scale

Sudanese refugees on hospital beds in eastern Chad

story Apr 09, 2024

Haiti: "Our health care system is falling apart"

A person rides a motorcycle through fire in Haiti.

News Apr 05, 2024

Ukraine: MSF condemns missile attack on its office in Pokrovsk


Speaking out about the emergencies our staff and patients witness is part of who we are. Explore our history and principles.

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Story | Feb 16, 2024

Rohingyatographer: Sharing the Rohingya story in photos

MSF collaborated with a collective of Rohingya photographers to produce this collection of photos documenting daily life in the world’s largest refugee camp.

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Ayesha, 12, poses with tanaka, a traditional cosmetic, on her face in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

Story | Feb 05, 2024

Lost at Sea: A short animated film on Rohingya journeys  

The Rohingya are living without rights in Myanmar, without hope in Bangladesh, and at risk of arrest in Malaysia.

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A young Rohingya refugee points to a picture she drew of an MSF doctor in a clinic.

Story | Jan 17, 2024

Out of fear: Rohingya youth trapped in violence and despair

Watch the new documentary on what Rohingya youth are facing.

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Profile of a young Rohingya woman in a green headscarf in Bangladesh.

News | Nov 28, 2023

COP28: Leaders must take action on health impacts of climate change

“The world’s most vulnerable people are paying with their health and their lives for a problem they did not create.”

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Farmers cultivate their land near the village of Riko in Katsina State amid a drought.

Story | Oct 05, 2023

How climate change impacts health—and what we need to do about it

We need to respond to the climate crisis together, in solidarity with all, for the health of all.

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An MSF staff member wearing a white vest stands in the middle of floodwater surrounded by palm trees in Venezuela.

Story | Sep 01, 2023

Former lives, in fragments

In the camps of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, Rohingya refugees find remnants of home in the few possessions they carry with them.

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An older woman holds up two photographs of her family members.

Story | Aug 25, 2023

Six years displaced: How Rohingya refugees preserve their culture

A mural of a Rohingya folktale helps refugee children in Cox's Bazar stay connected to their identity.

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A 3D mural made of many shades of green featuring a banyan tree in the center, a bird, and a woman.

Story | Jul 27, 2023

Cyclone Mocha: New restrictions hamper critical aid for Rohingya

MSF calls on military authorities in Myanmar to lift restrictions that impede urgent humanitarian action preventing further harm, disease outbreaks, and loss of life.

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MSF clinic at Kein Nyin Pyin camp Pauktaw, Rakhine State, Myanmar on 22nd June, over one month after Cyclone Mocha

News | Mar 02, 2023

Bangladesh: Cuts to food rations will harm Rohingya refugees

Number of calories per person will now be below the accepted minimum standard of 2,100 calories per day

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MSF Japan GD's Visit to Bangladesh

News | Sep 19, 2022

MSF: Donor countries must increase funding pledges during Global Fund replenishment conference

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Treating HIV and AIDS in Conakry


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