Video: Life in the aftermath of war in Mosul

Nashwan, 42, is prepared for surgery at the MSF post-operative care facility in east Mosul. Nashwan is one of the many war-wounded patients still trying to recover a year after the conflict in Mosul officially ended.
IRAQ 2018 © Sacha Myers/MSF
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One year after Iraqi and coalition forces launched a massive military campaign to wrest control of the city of Mosul from the Islamic State group, enormous humanitarian needs remain.

People displaced by the fierce urban battle are returning to a ruined city where many homes are piles of rubble and basic services like water and electricity are not widely available. Meanwhile, 70 percent of the health system is dysfunctional. MSF provides critically needed medical services in east and west Mosul, and is preparing to provide mental health support to the traumatized community.