2022: The year in photos

A year of MSF's medical activity around the world

Vaishnavi, pulmonary DRTB patient from Thane

In 2022, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) teams around the world continued to respond to crises old and new. While COVID-19 was no longer the emergency it was in previous years, new challenges arose. The war in Ukraine escalated in February; the political, humanitarian and economic crises in Haiti deteriorated severely; cholera emerged on an exceptional scale in several countries.

This collection of images, from December 2021 until November 2022, outlines 12 months of some of the work our teams undertook, highlights the people we serve, and illustrates the contexts in which we work.

Non Food Item distribution
An MSF team distributes blankets and jerry cans in Nyin Deng Ayuel displacement camp in Twic County. Thousands of people who arrived here after fleeing violence in Agok have been left without the essentials they need to survive. South Sudan 2022 © Scott Hamilton/MSF
Doctors on Rails - MSF Medicalised train in Ukraine
Ukraine 2022 © Andrii Ovod/MSF
Nemat Abaker, MSF midwife supervisor in the maternity ward, MSF fixed clinic
Nemat Abaker is an MSF midwife supervisor in a maternity ward in West Darfur. "When I was a young student, I saw a woman die while giving birth," she said. "At that moment, I decided to complete my education in order to avoid this ever happening again. With MSF, I can keep learning and achieving this. Helping mothers and their babies is the most important thing for me. I hope to learn more, know more, help more.” 2022 © Majd Aljunaid/MSF
Breast and cervical cancer screening mass campaign
During the cancer awareness and early detection campaign in Bamako, Djénèbou Diallo, the head of the screening component of the MSF oncology project demonstrates the breast self-examination process. Mali 2022 © Mohamed Dayfour Diawara
Rotation 20 - Medical evacuations
One of two medical evacuations carried out by the Geo Barents team, a ship on the Mediterranean Sea offering medical assistance to migrants. One of the evacuations was for a mother, her newborn, and her three other sons and the other was for a woman who was nine months pregnant. 2022 © Candida Lobes/MSF
Patient Portraits
Mohamed Hussein, 65 years old, is a Rohingya refugee living in Bangladesh. MSF remains one of the main providers of medical humanitarian assistance to the stateless Rohingya, approximately one million of whom live in the largest refugee camp in the world, in Cox’s Bazar. 2022 © Saikat Mojumder/MSF
Man carries belongings through flood waters
A man pulls his belongings through the flood waters in Bentiu. The floods in Unity State have devastated the area, forcing people to leave their homes in search of safety. South Sudan 2022 © Peter Caton
Sudanese refugees from Darfur living in eastern Chad
A phone charging shop in Guereda district, eastern Chad. Since 2003, some 370,000 Sudanese people have fled the violence and taken refuge in neighboring Chad at refugee camps where MSF provides access to medical care. 2022 © Mohammad Ghannam/MSF
MSF mobile clinic in Delmas 4, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
MSF teams in Port-au-Prince work in the basement of a clinic in dark rooms without windows to avoid the high risk of stray bullets. Our teams provide essential health care through mobile clinics that extend medical care to people cut off from accessing even the most basic services. 2022 © Johnson Sabin
Vaishnavi, pulmonary DRTB patient from Thane
Vaishnavi, a 7-year-old drug-resistant tuberculosis patient interacts with Prachi, an MSF nurse as her mother Vishaka holds her.​ India 2022 © Prem Hessenkamp
Physiotherapy in Kyiv
MSF physiotherapist Ahmad Alrosan undertakes a muscle stretching exercise on the hand of a patient who had a broken wrist and whose right finger was amputated. Ukraine 2022 © Hussein Amri/MSF
Prototypes de prothèses de mains et d’avant bras réalisées à l’aide de la technologie 3D
In contexts where MSF works, upper limb devices for amputee victims are rare or non-existent. To meet the need, the MSF Foundation created a 3D program for patients to get equipped with upper limb prostheses. Jordan 2022 © MSF/SORIYA
Venezuelan Migrants in Peru
A Venezuelan migrant holds his daughter as he looks out on the Tumbes River in Tumbes city, 14 miles from the Peru-Ecuador border. 2022 © Max Cabello Orcasitas
Mental health activities in Hajjah City
An MSF mental health counselor comforts a patient at the Al-Gomhouri hospital in Hajjah. Now in its eighth year, the war in Yemen has destroyed homes, cost lives, displaced thousands of people, and deteriorated economic and living conditions. Yemen 2022 © Jinane Saad/MSF
Yemen 2022 © Jinane Saad/MSF
DR-TB Project Hargeisa
Nimo Abdi* (name changed to protect her identity), rests on her bed in the drug-resistant tuberculosis ward in Hargeisa. Somaliland 2022 © Sean Hutton
MSF mobile ckinics inside the Kharkiv metro station in Ukraine.
MSF's mobile clinic team provided psychological first aid to people sheltering in a Kharkiv metro station in 2022. Ukraine 2022 © Mohammad Ghannam/MSF
Boost Hospital - Male IDP | Gul Story
Gul, 40, washes his hands with the help of his son at the MSF-supported Boost hospital in Lashkar Gah. After 20 years of war, Afghans now face economic collapse, food insecurity, and high rates of malnutrition. Afghanistan 2022 © Oriane Zerah
Gabriel Kalany, MSF Academy student, gets ready for a training session
Gabriel Kalany is a student at the MSF Academy in Old Fangak. Here, he gets ready for a session of practice at the skills lab by arranging his trolley with all the required tools to perform the placement of a urinary catheter on a mannequin. South Sudan 2022 © Florence Miettaux
COVID-19 tests
Xiomara Villoria, a bioanalyst, holds a COVID-19 test to be processed at the Public Health Molecular Biology Laboratory in San Cristóbal. The laboratory was refurbished by MSF to include a specialized machine that is capable of analyzing molecular tests. Venezuela 2022 © Matias Delacroix.
Pakistan floods emergency DADU 14
In a flooded area of Pakistan, boats take villagers across the flood waters to Dadu city or other villages. MSF teams responded to the devastating floods by distributing emergency supplies and safe water in addition to medical care. Pakistan 2022 © Zahra Shoukat/MSF
A team of MSF nurses weigh recovering malnourished children at an infant therapeutic feeding center in Sokoto. In collaboration with the Nigerian health authorities, MSF has treated close to 100,000 children for acute malnutrition in 34 outpatient facilities. 2022 © KC Nwakalor
Community mobilisation for hepatitis E vaccination campaign
MSF health promoter Debora Nyabol Gai helps mobilize community members in Bentiu to get vaccinated against hepatitis E. South Sudan 2022 © Peter Caton/MSF
Patient referral by helicopter in Rhoe Camp
Patients exit the UN helicopter that is used by MSF to refer patients between Rhoe and the hospital in Bunia. Due to violence, the local hospital was abandoned and the helicopter is the only means of referral and supply to the Rhoe internally displaced people camp, where MSF runs the health center. Democratic Republic of Congo 2022 © Alexis Huguet
Medical Care in Diffa – Malnutrition and other diseases
Zeinaolou Hamadou comforts her daughter, Halima Hamadour, age four, while MSF doctors treat her head wounds. Niger 2022 © Oliver Barth/MSF
Confinament and lack of access in Alto Baudó, Chocó.
MSF staff travel the Baudó river to reach patients who require medical care. Clashes between armed groups and the installation of mines have confined Afro and indigenous communities in the rural department of Chocó. Colombia 2022 © MSF/Santiago Valenzuela
Emergency response in Kwamouth 07
A young patient attends a psychological consultation with Joel-Christopher Bolombo, the MSF emergency mission psychologist, at the Hervé Farm internally displaced people site in Kwamouth, where many have fled from violence. Democratic Republic of Congo 2022 © Johnny Vianney Bissakonou/MSF

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